2017 FLANC Conference – October 21st in Hayward

flanc welcomes you
IMG_20130209_120824FLANC 2017 conference and workshops will be in Chabot College, Saturday October 21st in Hayward.
“Live many languages” is our motto.

Both interest sessions and workshops will be on Saturday.

Tentative program

Complimentary breakfast and coffee during the event are included
Lunch will be $15 (please pay with the conference registration)

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Deborah Lemon

Many Voices: The Future of Communication, Language, and Language Learning.

Deborah Lemon is an Ohlone College tenured faculty member as well as the Renegade Gaming Esports Advisor. She also has served as a member and chair of the Technical Committee. She designs and teaches online/hybrid language courses built exclusively in social media platforms starting in 2005 with Tribe and 2010-present in Facebook, incorporating a tiered F2F/blended/online format. Deborah has integrated cloud-based materials since 2000: in 1996 she authored the Spanish Grammar reference site, drlemon©®, and also developed and wrote distance education courses for UNC-CH (1996-2003). She organizes and leads trans-disciplinary transmedia courses. She facilitated Building Online Community with Social Media for the California @One grant project for 5 years. Deborah has been interviewed regarding her work with Augmented and Virtual Reality; “paradigm-dodging”; esports; and the future of Online and Higher Education. She offers workshops and webinars on Hybridization, Gamification, social media tools, and methodology. She has been an invited speaker at conferences and symposia including The Institute for the Future (IFTF), She’s Geeky, Augmented World Expo, Online Teaching Conference, and Augmented Reality Chicago. The National Science Foundation invited and sponsored her to speak at the 2013 Radical Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C. and at the 2015 and 2016 Language Flagship Technical Innovation Center (LFTIC) Symposia. Prior to teaching, Deborah worked in defense industry in Technical Recruiting/Public Relations and Systems Administration in the US and México. In her free time, she tinkers with stuff, reads, volunteers, and enjoys A/B testing.

Homepage: www.drlemon.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drlemon

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